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They Have A Word For People Like Me

So erm, yeeah, if you could just go ahead and do that, that would be greeat.

7 December
I knew this one bloke a while back who had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His name was Joe and everything in his life just had to be correct and orderly. You know the kind, he put his socks into perfectly folded pairs and had them sorted in the drawer by alphabetical country of manufacture. That sort of thing.

Anyway, Joe had followed his father into the construction trade and he was really good at his job. He finally got his big break into the industry when the local army barracks employed him to design and build a new canteen. The contract was worth thousands but Joe just couldn't go through with it. The thought kept plaguing him that no matter how neat and tidy he put all his tools away into his kit, he'd still be making a mess.

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